40s & 50s Reunions

Keeping you in touch with old friends & colleagues

More recently we have been joined by a number of the younger staff who have retired or left the BBC for other pastures. We also include anyone who is still working and has memories of earlier days. Many of our guests are now involved with other companies which provides great interest.

Television Recording & Associates Group

Arial photo of Television Centre

This gathering was an offshoot of the Radio group. Many radio people moved into television and the Radio Lunch became swamped, soon after it started. Due to the risk of not being able to cope with the increase in numbers, we decided to offer an alternative event, usually at the beginning of December. The only criteria was being able to join up with old colleagues. Television Recording Department at Television Centre, consisted of Telecine, Video tape and Film Recording.  We also have a wide circle of colleagues in other departments and these are well represented.